Does Template column triggers URLs even without click?

A URL in the temp column six months ago or eight months ago I can’t exactly remember the time I used to have with webhooks in the template column to redirect users to a certain endpoint after configuring some actions in the backend whether it’s make(former Integromat) or Zapier.

The reason is the redirection only works that way by using a Template column and open link action: For example create an excel sheet export then redirect the user to that created excel sheet

There was that kind of behavior that I stopped using the template column at that time which is if the application is loading on the user device and the template column gets triggered due to loading in the backend and webhooks ran multiple times and I think that was a behavior do you to loading the template column at the user device and which triggers the webhook

My question is: Does this behavior still there or not because it’s a very crucial need and recently I can’t see this behavior there anymore and I can’t assure is because of an upgrade to control that behavior or if its a temp thing and might happen again?