Does Delete row work for Free Version of App

When attempting to do a custom action, I have a condition that selects an else condition that deletes the row that was added automatically by the action. Although delete row is called the row is not deleted. Is this a function of the free level or is there a special way the delete row works. This is the custom action of a form submit.

Why would you delete a row that you just added?

it failed the condition is in the else block. Seems link the action automatically adds the row. evaluates the condition and if it fails it removes the row. This is not the standard, for a custom action?

A native Add/Edit Form will always add a row or edit a row. Any ‘On Submit’ actions are extra after the row has been added or edited. I very rarely use the ‘On Submit’ action.

I think it would help to better understand what you are trying to do, and why you have an extra custom action ‘On Submit’. What are your custom action conditions checking for?

The fact that you have a Delete action immediately following an Add action, leads me to believe that something isn’t set up correctly.