Custom Action for a Form Return to Screen

When editing a form a condition is failed and the else logic kicks in. In that logic the glide action is to return to form. The action return to screen (form) returns to a totally new form page and not the one I just left. Im I missing a configuration here.

Same questions. It seems like you are not using the best approach.

This is a follow up to the action.

explanation of the issue.

Delete Row does not work.
Show Form Screen does not return to Edit Screen.

I’m not exactly sure, but my guess would be that the Delete Row action fails because the form screen is not attached to any row, so there is nothing to delete.

Regardless, this is not a reliable way to prevent duplicate entries.

The best way to prevent duplicates is with a Custom Form. With a custom form, your form inputs are first written to user specific columns. This allows you to detect a duplicate before the form is submitted, and use conditional logic to prevent the user from submitting the form.

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