Documenting your app in Glide - a method using a tab + hints

I have a team of developers working on the apps for my telemedicine service, and about 6 apps in the system. Some features or bugs can be fixed in minutes, others are more complex.

There is still no Notepad functionality in Glide - which makes documenting or directing work highly tricky.

So we have started to use a tab in the apps to record which bigger things need to get done, plus some info on what needs to get done (when it makes the cut).

The way of doing it? A tab and then hints, using the color to denote status.

Work-in-progress for us now - I hope this gives you all some ideas!


I’m creating a customer-facing roadmap page in my application that will link to a notion board and cards for this same reason. The page will allow all users to see, rank, and comment. When new items have updated a hint will announce the update. I’m taking ideas from @Robert_Petitto to build it ;-). (thanks for inspiration Bob) I’ll share when I’m done.


Interesting one Jim!

I’ve done something similar, albeit, a lot simpler. I have an area of my app with a text entry component that has visibility set so only I can see it. It’s easy to access through the side menu in the app, so as I find bugs or feature requests, I can update my “notepad”. Pretty simple in my case.

I do like your use of the hint components for color coded statuses.


@Jim_McIntosh Great idea! Would love to see the finished product!