DOCSAUTOMATOR - One of best PDF generator tool with amazing customer support

I wanted to share my recent experience with Docsautomator. I recently tried the tool to generate PDFs, and it worked like magic. The speed of the tool was impressive, but what truly stood out was the exceptional customer support I received from @Rupert via their website’s live chat. He responded within seconds and quickly resolved my query. I’ll definitely be using Docsautomator for all my Glide apps in the future


Wow, thanks a lot for these kind words @Hassan_Nadeem !! :muscle: :blush:


The only thing I noticed between the two integrations for PDF (being PDFMonkey and DocsAutomator) is that on their respective plans, PDFMonkey gives a fair amount more documents per month than DA (50 vs 300 on the free plan and then 200 vs 3000! for $15 a month). Although DA goes non-expiring pretty quickly, I’d imagine most people are less interested in PDF retention in the scope of glide apps?

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Hi @Squibsie, I’m the founder of DocsAutomator and just wanted to weigh in here.

It’s absolutely true that PDFMonkey offers more free documents, but it’s also a much more technical solution compared to DocsAutomator. PDFMonkey’s templates are generated with HTML and CSS, which can be cumbersome. Not having to use HTML was actually a big motivation for me to create DocsAutomator in the first place.

Also there are feature differences on the free plan as it seems that you can’t add images on PDFMonkey’s free plan.

I think PDFMonkey is a great tool and has its place, it’s just not directly comparable to DocsAutomator being a 100% No-Code solution based on Google Docs.

Always happy to give a tour of DocsAutomator and help with any documents you’re trying to generate :slight_smile: