Dissocier 2 éléments sur une même page

Bonjour j’aimerai faire une page d’accueil avec plusieurs éléments par exemple gestion de l’appel et bilan de l’appel sauf que les 2 éléments prennent la même forme. Comment puis-je dissocier les deux éléments et faire en sorte qu’il n’ait pas la même mise en page.

Bonjour Julie,

In English it’s better on thsi forum, if you want help.

Could you please share a screen shot of your app so that we can understand what you have currently? With words, not always easy to understand…

Merci :wink:

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I would like that on this home page
The image titled “call management” and “assessment” do not have the same layout.!

I guess you use only one I line list in your home page.

You could try to add twice the same I line most, and use different layout for each one

The screenshot performed is the same on call management and on balance sheet, however I would like it to be different and that it does not refer to the same sheet on the sheet. If I modify for example a button in call management it also changes in the balance sheet

To do what you want with the tiles layout your are using will not work (detail layouts are tied to sheets) unless you add all of the components to one screen and then set the visibility on all of the components depending on a value in the row, like the title you are using for the tile.

Otherwise as @Christophe_HK is saying, you would need to create separate inline lists to separate sheets. Each sheet would only contain the row of values you want to view.