Displays info based on a selection


I am trying to figure out how to display the email based on the value that I will select from the Choice component.

Here’s the recording

Thank you!

Looks like you’re doing it in an add environment, the info chosen in that screen is temporary, so you can’t do a relation & lookup right on that screen. You can only do so once the info has been written as a new row.


Thank you.

What’s the best approach for this?

The contact table has the contact email I will when I save it to the Activity table.

Oh, finally cracked it! I think I’m still figuring things out because I just started using this last week.

So when when I used the form, then loaded the list of contacts inside the Choice component. The value I selected is the field contact email but I displayed the full name field and the target column for this in my Activity table is contact email. Then it worked! I don’t need to display the email in the add/edit mode.


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