Displaying 3 images in a row


I have 3 x image fields in one of my tables (amongst other fields)- each with a URL.

I’m trying to display the images nicely in a row (screen space permitting) - but the only way I have been able to achieve this is to put the images in a separate table, linked back to my main table - then pop them into a collection.

I will only ever have 3 images,

Is that the only / best way to do it, or am I missing something?

I am using Glde pages


Thanks @gllide - but I think that only works in Glide Apps - I am using Glide Pages

In image carousel would be the ideal solution, but it’s not available in Glide Pages yet. Any chance this is on the horizon?


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You could use a 3 column container component, and then place an image component in each of the three container columns. That will work well on pages, but I think the container will currently switch from a horizontal layout to a vertical layout when you switch from desktop view to mobile view, so not ideal if you want to keep them side by side.

The alternative is to use a template column to build an html table that’s 1 row high and 3 columns wide, with an html image tag in each column. Then display the html table using a rich text component. That should keep the images side by side regardless of the screen resolution.


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