Glide Pages -> How to display two template URL images on two columns?

Hello all,

I’m working on Glide Pages and I need some help to display two Template URL Images on two columns.

I need a dashboard that look like the following squema:

And the result should be something like this:

How I can achieve this?

Thank you all!

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I guess the only way to achieve this nowadays is with collections list, having 2 rows to display as 2 images side by side

Thank you @Lucas_Pires ! But I cannot achieve this if the two images are related to a user. User must only be in one row. So, this is not feasible.

Will only the user signed-in be able to see those images?

If you are refering to sing-in users, yes, only users with sign-in could se the template URL link images.

If you are referring to role access, no, also his managers. The two images will appear on his dashboard, so the user will be able to check the images and also his managers."

Got it… I guess the way you want displaying 2 images like 2 columns isn’t available yet in pages neither apps

Still haven’t worked much with glide pages, but it’s my understanding that html is allowed in a Rich text component, but not CSS??? If so, wouldn’t it be as simple as structuring an html table, with a template column, where the table has two cells that each contain the image in an image tag? Maybe I’m wrong, but just a thought.


Yes, that’s true.

That works.

    <td><img src="" alt="Image" width="400" height="300"></td>
    <td><img src="" alt="Image" width="600" height="300"></td>

Ok with html, but he might need to set actions on those images. So why not apply the so called miracle method here? Can’t we see the two Template columns as an array to be transposed into an inline list?


I think that’s a good approach if he wants to have separate actions for each of the images. However, collections on Pages do not offer a nice way to show images side-by-side like this.

Edit: Pages do have that option, but not optimized to automatically show the full image.

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Maybe I didn’t quite understand the type of layout he has to make.
But, by setting the Size of the collection to XLarge, with two images you get the 100% footprint of the whole page horizontally.
Wouldn’t that be enough to satisfy that layout need?


Ahh sorry I missed that!

I still would want the ability to automatically fit the image to the view though.

As he was mentioning that the data lives in a single row, the method from Robert should work.

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