Display user's selected items on their profile

Hey team! I’m effectively trying to display a user’s “liked” items publicly on their page. I’ve gotten so close to getting it to work, however, I’m having trouble when multiple users want to “like” the same item. I’m not using the “like button” feature, but need to use a switch. So I’d like the setup to look like this:

  1. A boolean switch is displayed on all items.
  2. When a user ticks the switch, the item gets publicly added to their profile.

Right now, I have it setup so that when the User ticks the switch, their email address gets added to a “liked this item” column on that item and I create a List Relation on their profile that shows all items where their email is on the list. However, I can’t figure out how to make it so that an unlimited number of emails can be added to the “liked this item” column.

Is this possible? I may be missing a very simple solution, here. :laughing:

Firstly this is not simple, since the switch does not contain any actions apart from switching the boolean.

You would want to switch to a component with an action, let’s say a button, and implement the Trebuchet method here.


Great, thanks! :slight_smile: This should definitely work.