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I need to understand some things about Glide … Here is an example. In a Shopping application … once the user is on the Details page, and sees the details of the product, image, price, etc … and that for example, he can fill in a field the quantities and that he directly sees the total amount, if he decides to order, an order button is present. This button sends it to the form. Suppose he has nothing more to fill in (we will add the buyer’s email address). If we just want to remember that he ordered 10 units for a total amount of 1000 (I would already have the column that calculated the total amount) how do I display this information on this page (form)?

Firstly, if he has nothing more to fill in, then you can just do an add row instead of a form, to save some time for the user.

Then, you can use a relation based on how your data is structured to display the “ordered items” to the user.

If you can share how you’re structuring your data for this then we can give better help.

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Add row is perfect. I understand now how it works. Thank you @ThinhDinh !!
I will try the RELATION feature then let you know, I do not know yet how it works.

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