Display only details of wanted rows

Hello all,
I have a sheet of database as such. From time to time, there going to be additional rows added by users. I would like to have a screen that displays only the details of certain properties that I pick in the property column.
Like in the snap shot , I would have a screen that only displays all the records of Ampang Jalan Rasmi 14 (with all the rows detail). tq

You can use an Inline List and apply a filter.

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thank you, I got to this after looking at the guide. but I want it to only display test123 and not Ampang jalan rasmi 14 on the same page. Where do I adjust this? There should be an earlier page allowing me to pick which blue circle item to view before i get to this page

It looks like you are grouping by Property rather than filtering.

Look in your List Component settings under Options.
You should see something like the following:

What you need to do is add a filter, and your filter can be something like “Property includes Ampang”.

A more robust approach would be to use a PropertyID, but perhaps that’s for another time :slight_smile:

do i always need to type in ampang/others manually if i need to view such rows ?

No, it’s possible to create dynamic filters.

Watch the below tutorial to get some ideas…

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