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Hello to all
I created an app with a google sheet. The app works perfectly on iPhone.
But on Android, it only displays a blank page.
Does anyone have any idea why?

  1. On Android, did you access the URL via Chrome or another browser?

  2. When you installed the app (= added it to the homescreen), did you do this via Chrome or another browser?

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Hi, thanks for your answer.

I access the URL via Chrome 107.0.5304.141, and have installed it through this browser

when I accessed the app via Chrome browser, (URL vtm-finder.glideapp.io) it also display a blank page

Do you have any tab level visibility for your tabs?

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I just had a look inside the live app on Android. The screen is loading (visible hamburger menu).

It does look like an issue with visibility conditions.

I don’t think it would explain the difference in behavior between Android and iOS.

(Before doing anything, duplicate your project to make a backup.)

Idea to troubleshoot: what happens when you remove visibility conditions?

  • First at the tab level
  • Then at the component level
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