Display geocoordinates linked data

I have a sheet with three geocoordinates and associated data say 21.55,77.38; 22.55,78.42; 25.44,79.50 as geocoordinates and corresponding cells having values of 10, 20, and 30.

Next I take user input for his geocoordinate (Say 22.33,77.59). This could be location entry or entry in a user specific column. Next, I calculate the distance between user input coordinates and three coordinates in my sheet.

I want to now show the user inputted geocoordinate along-with the cell value (from 10,20 and 30) where the distance is minimum in a map view. Can anybody help me in this? In fact, this is possible if the cell value where the distance is minimum lies in the first row. However, if it is in the subsequent rows it is not possible to show the data in the map view since map shows the data of the first row only.