Distance shown in google sheet

hi, i’ve tried the distance function but would like to know to display in the sheet for calculations.


Your question isn’t very clear, can you provide a bit more detail on what you are trying to do?

Distance column inside Glide won’t be written to the Sheets.

You must use a custom function via a script to do that, and it has its own limitation (not working with arrayformulas and limited calls per day).

What calculation do you want with the distance that can’t be done in Glide?

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Thanks. @ThinhDinh

I just want to have the distance that’s calculated from the Glide data table, to be in the Google Sheet for calculation purposes. I understand now.

Yeah, do you want us to help with doing those calculations inside Glide?

Well, right now I have a problem where the addresses entered, isn’t accurate at all.

I noticed Mapbox conversion to addresses aren’t accurate.

You should use coordinates for best accuracy.

We’ll I’m planning to make a delivery app so I can’t use coordinates all the time.