Display an animation after clicking an "Add to cart" button

Hi everyone,

So I’m making a website/page for my customers to order some products from it, and I’m looking for a way to show an animation of something going into the “Cart” tab to make it feel like they have successfully added the item to their cart, kinda like something you would see on e-commerce websites.

I was playing around with “Play sound” and “Show notification” actions but it doesn’t feel very noticeable sometimes. The notification is rather very small and its position is often overlooked. If there’s a way to make it bigger and to be in the center of the screen, that’d be good too.

I do have business plan so does anyone have any CSS workaround?

I doubt there’s something that we can do about that.

Normally, CSS is used around here to alter components on the screen, that are “static”. Your question is about an animation based on a user action. I can only think of showing some sort of a GIF on the screen, then hiding it in about 10 seconds, but that’s still not a smooth flow.