Notification message after form submission fades away too quickly: slow it down? how?

I have this message show up after a user submits a form,it’s supposed to show the message and redirect to another page.

'Great, we’ll start curating resources to meet your open banking needs. Notifications will be over email. ’

But the notification message fades away too quickly before anyone can read it (unless your grandfather is Flash). Is there a way to slow it down, or another way around it?

Any of you guys ever figured out the class names related to the pop-up? @Robert_Petitto @Jeff_Hager @Manu.n @Lucas_Pires?

I have never for the life of me clicked fast enough to read what controls that pop-up.

you don’t click faster than your shadow :wink:

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Haha, thanks! So no reliable class names then? :frowning:

Is that “animation 2s” controlling the screen time?

yes my first quick test shows that if you modify the animation time it is the display time

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here is a css test


.kgpMvJ {

animation: 8s ease-in 0s 1 normal forwards running toast-popover;
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Maybe there’s a way to select that pop-up based on the parent id=“app-root”?

I didn’t succeed, maybe a CSS pro has a solution!

This is as close as I can get, but it depends on a timestamp.

Anyone remembers what is the delay for Glide to update the “now” value?

be careful with this type of declaration you also modify other class.
well, that doesn’t seem important for an animation

it seems to me that it is every 10s

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Yeah I can’t seem to find a way to target only that child.

I don’t have the level to know the subtlety of the hierarchy between an “Id” and “Class” declaration.
I need to find the time to do some research.
This is why I declared myself to be impotent.

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Haha I would love to be on your level bro.

I was reading some threads about :nth-child but seems like we lack a higher level than the app-root here for it to make an impact.

it seems to me that it is not possible to use the app-root ID with a child. Because as long as the popup window is not displayed at least once, the class “kgpMvJ” does not exist.

to make it shorter, only “.kgpMvJ” remains as access.

I would like to reply to @Gabriel_Asili

Here is a css to modify the display time of a popup window.
BUT BE CAREFUL, it is possible that depending on updates from the Glide team, this no longer works.

Modify the value “2s” by your choice in seconds (example 8s)


.kgpMvJ {
animation: 2s ease-in 0s 1 normal forwards running toast-popover;

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I think I will tweak the timing based on the length of the message. Thanks for the feedback!


Just for future reference, I believe that random class name varies app by app so yours is different from mine.

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Hello @Jason
I would like to take advantage of your presence here to make a few remarks :wink:

outside of timing.
is it possible to

  1. adjust window size according to text
  2. allow line breaks
  3. timing adjustment

As this is the only way to pass a message after actions, is it possible to have a popup window with for example an “ok” button to wait for the validation of a user.

a quick photo montage with an “Ok” button