Display a loading spinner while waiting for fetched content

The Fetch Column is revolutionary—so many use cases. However, there can be a delay before the fetch content appears in the app. Here’s how you can display an animated spinner while you wait for the fetch!


Ha! That’s smart! Thanks for the tip, love it.

In the location search app I made, I conditioned the visibility of the fetched content to the click of a button with “Search” as text in order to simulate a user-triggered search.

I find your solution more elegant and more reliable.

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Thanks for the tutorial Robert :star_struck:

It was helpful for me :+1:

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This is awesome! Thanks so much!

Any ideas for how to do something similar while awaiting a URL construction? I’m using quickchart to generate a word cloud from user submitted words. I’d love for there to be a “loading” gif while the url is constructed and the image is generated.

My question isn’t how to create the “spinner” gif, but rather what value to use as the “if empty” visibility toggle.

@Robert_Petitto - that’s so cool, thank you for sharing Robert!

By way of thank you I will send you some stylish animated gifs in that nice purple!

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Good question. If you were to visit the URL directly in a browser as QuickChart is generating the image, what would you see? An error page? If so, you might be able to use a experimental code column to return a value of true/false as to whether the URL is valid or not and if False, then display the spinner.

No, it loads, just takes a second. I went back through some of these boards and saw a thread you started on quickchart, and saw the same thing happen for you. The image appears greyed out while it’s loading. I’d like it to look cleaner, even though it doesn’t take long. Have you solved the problem for yourself?

Do we have a code in place to read the content of a URL and return something like a status code?

I asked for that from David in his latest post.

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