Discord BOT

Hello !

Why I can’t change the name and profil picture of my discord bot ?
Thank you :wink:

I haven’t used that integration but if it isn’t an option you see in the configurations module, then it’s not something you can do for now.

But the doc say :

That seems like an error in the Docs. I’ll tell the team to update it.


I think that way because the table below doesn’t seem to have the notes matching the field name. It should be “Channel ID” and “Message” respectively.

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Hey there, I just installed the notification automation and Glide (Pages) sends messages to my Discord private channel. But still, I do get an error in the Glide editor. But why? Everything seems alright. I am getting all notifications.

By the way, it does not show up in the browser after logging in, only in the editor / admin interface. Not a big deal, but if anybody had an idea, just let me know.

Screenshot 2023-06-30 at 17.51.46