Disappearing Button - Google Calendar

I’m trying to add an event to Google Calendar. As soon as I configure the button’s action to ‘Add Calendar Event’ it disappears from the layout.

I have Google Calendar integrated in Settings, and it’s successfully written to a calendar of my choice. I’ve tried removing and re-adding Calendars, and reconnecting. The other two actions - ‘Edit Calendar Event’ and ‘Delete Calendar Event’ seem to work properly - at least the dialogs around Event ID, Calendar ID, etc, remain.

If anyone has an idea on this, I’d be most grateful. Still scratching my head about it!

For what it’s worth, it’s still working for me.

I would try clearing your browser’s cache, or try a new browser to see if it helps.

If all of those don’t work, I would suggest submitting a ticket.

Thanks for that. Cache cleared, browser changed to Chrome, still does it. Even tried changing google account. I will raise a ticket.

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