Disable Splash Screen

Possible? How?

It seems to serve no purpose. No loading seems to occur while splash shows. Since after splash closes, app loaders begin showing.

If splash has no purpose other than wasting users time, can we disable?

If stuff is loading during splash, what exactly?

To clarify: Splash screen is the color with logo and app name screen shown on app open. It’s NOT a custom onboard/signup page. Shot attached.

I could be wrong, but I think that’s the nature of PWA apps. It’s moreso how Safari and Chrome in iOS and Android initially load and render a PWA app based on the limited information in the manifest file. I think the browser engine is displaying that screen until the app is loaded and begins downloading data. I don’t think there isn’t much we can do with that screen, because the app is not fully loaded into memory at that point.


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