Different reports for each title

Hi everyone !
I need some help, can you help me please ?

I create an app for teacher who need to put a report for each student of his class.
So I start with a first database called “session” so we have session 1, session 2… for this I put a relation with session n° inside of database “title”
A second one “tittle” where I write the title of chapters. For this one I put a relation between name of this database and name of the 3rd database base called “content”.

Also, I create a database for report with :
Row-ID ; Users ; Name of the student ; report ; image
I want every teacher to have their own application and can’t see the others teachers reports.

Until here, everything’s work.
But !
I want for each “tittle” to have their own report. (I have lots of titles)
For more explain : the teacher writes in title 1 a report about someone (it saved), and when he changes for title 2 (because he writes nothing here) he sees nothing.
How to do it ?

I create a schema for more explains :

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Maybe this is also possible but I can’t create relation between user… and I think it’s what I need first before create the other things.

In my Login page, students have the possibility to select the name of their teachers.
And I don’t know how to create a relation like this person is teacher and this one is student. and this teacher A is the teacher of the student A but he ins’t the teacher of student B.

But first, I want to resolve the first comment because I also need this for each student.

Thanks for who help me :slight_smile:

If you mean user can’t see empty collection with add button? If so, you can create action row element with came action(+add) and visibility only if no items.

There are some ways:
if one student should have only one teacher, so you can write teacher email (or Row ID) to student’s row and create multiple relation from teacher email (or Row-ID) to students’ row with saved teacher’s email (or Row ID)

I suggest selecting Row ID or email and show teacher’s name instead directly selecting name…

I mean each title have their own data. Title 1 and 2 have nothing together.

The login page looks like this :

When people create their account, it automatically registers them in their role

I got this one

Yes, absolutely like this nothing have the same!

May be, because my English, i misunderstand something.

I’m French so my English is pretty bad, thanks for your help !
I don’t understand where create action row element

I think there

Just copy action from +