Different Preloaded Tasks for Specific Project Types

Hey Glide Pros/Veterans/Experts!

I had a quick quick question to something I’m having trouble figuring out.

I’m currently working on an app for my business. My line of work requires me to complete a specific set of tasks for a type of project. I typically have the client submit a new project to me through the app.


I have been able to make a list for a certain project type, however, the tasks need to be unchecked. It’s own separate task list.

When I check the box in a specific task list with the same project type it updates all of the same projects with the same project type.

I need every project to have separate tasks lists that don’t interact with one another. Every project needs to have it’s own pre-loaded task list.

Here is text example of how I would like it to function:

Starting after a client submits a project to me and what I envision my end to have:

Client 1, Project Type “A”, THEN ON MY END, Pre-loaded Task List “A” for me to complete
Client 2, Project Type “B”, THEN ON MY END, Pre-Loaded Task List “B” for me to complete


How in the world do I create a pre-loaded task list that is linked to a certain project type?!

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Can you show how you’re adding tasks? Is it through a form submission? If so, you’ll need to link the task with the appropriate project somehow — either through a choice component inside the form, or through a column value that can get passed to the form from a previous screen (or other method).

Your Tasks table would need a column to capture the associated project. Once that exists and is populated, you can create a multi-relation to display all the tasks per project.

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