Different interactive zones on a different background pictures

Hi gliders!

I’m going to find a solution but have just a few expectations.
My customer needs is to have

  • a few different interactive zones (e.g. leg, arm, head etc)
  • on a different background pictures (man, cow, dog, etc).

My first thought is to use

  • interactive Inline Lists \ Collections to make different interactive zones
  • a CSS to show different background pictures
    But seems this way would be not so easy))

Is there anybody who solved such task?
Any use cases or advice wellcome please.
Thank you in advance!

Even this sounds not easy to make it look right, if the ultimate aim is to let people interact with different parts of the body on a component canvas. I don’t think there’s a good way to do this.

@Thinhdinh, thank you. Hope sometime Glide will solve this)


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