Different data for each collection item

hi. i would like to create a photo list with the collection component but with different data but every time i select a table for the data source of photo 1 it is displayed in every other new page of the other photos. i would like that every time the user clicks on an item it takes him to another data.

for example I want the second page to be only for the 1st element of the collection

Change the action to a custom action on your main collection. Then create separate IF branches in that custom action where each one is true based on a value in the chosen image row. Add a ‘Show New Screen’ action below each IF branch.

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can you show me with screenshots please

You would create a custom action that looks something like this. Each condition would look at value on your main list and open the appropriate new screen. Each screen will then be independent from the others.


Thank you my problem is solved

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