Different collumns for different whitelist users

Hi there.

Basicly, i made an app for booking meetings with psycologists, and its almost ready. Now im creating an Admin app, where psychilogist would mark dates and time when they can work. I made collumn of date, time, and boolean for free/busy. But the problem is we have 15 psychologist, and they work in different time, so we need to show them different timetables. Is there way to show specific collumn based on user`s e-mail?

What would happen if the date is past today? Would you delete the rows or keep them for other purposes?

Nah, this calendar does not have the date at all, i mistyped. It has days of the week, and time. This data transfers to another sheet, and based on day and time puts “free” or “busy” in the date sheet. This one has nothing to do with dates, it contains only information about day and time

Hi @Denmezhe,

If you only have 15 you could create an array column (which is 15 adjacent columns called Psych 1…Psych 15 for instance). In this way you can fill out the columns separately, but also refer to them as a group of values. May not work depending how you were planning on showing the data after however as there are some limitations in which components will display arrayed columns.

See this link for more details about array columns: https://docs.glideapps.com/all/reference/data-editor/computed-columns/array-column

Let me know if you need anything else,

Good luck!

I would probably use a combination of if/then columns and template columns to take all of the inputs and place them into a single set of columns that you will display. You could probably use a basic table or markdown in a rich text component to display the final result.