Did you know this googlesheet bug?

if you try this formula over this value “gio@condo.it(+)7i9ik.mLRJO2RysGx0eR0g(!)7302020”:

=iferror(mid(indirect(“A”&row()),search("(!)",indirect(“A”&row()))+3,8),“Not Found”)
It works!

but if you try in this way over this value “gio@condo.it(+)7i9ik.mLRJO2RysGx0eR0g()7302020":
)”,indirect(“A”&row()))+3,8),“Not Found”)

then it doesnt work! actually instead to intercept the STAR (*) it intercept the PLUS (+). :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

PS: the second string it is like this gio@condo.it(+)7i9ik.mLRJO2RysGx0eR0g( * )7302020 but without spaces, here the comment box doesn’t show it