Question to the google sheet gurus

Hello, Iam following the amazing Gamify Tutorial from Bob on youtube. One problem now, Iam using european version of google due my location in germany and the formula does not work that why. I had the problem before with a other formular where I had to change all “,” to a “;” to make it work.

Now this formula “={“nonCardPackRowNumber”;ArrayFormula(ifna(vlookup(row(H2:H),{filter(row(H2:H),H2:H<>”"),sequence(counta(H2:H),1)},2,0)))}" I tried the same by switching “,” to “;” but that did not work in that case :frowning:

Anybody know what to do?

Here the video Gamify your Glide App #11: Card Packs and Treasure Chests - YouTube

Check your double-quotes, some of them look like “smart quotes”.


Try copy/pasting the above. It’s exactly the same formula, with the smart quotes replaced.

Thank you that worked. Somehow its not the same result like in the video. I have now numbers in all slots and the packslots should be empty.

I’m not familiar with the tutorial or the app, so this is just a guess based on what I see in your screen shots. But, what happens if you use this:



If you watch “episode” 11.5, you’ll see that I no longer use spreadsheet formulas in my “card pack” functionality for this very reason.