Did Glide (Classic & Apps) just go down?

As of 3:50 PM EST (In Philadelphia, PA) on today (Friday), NONE of our Classic Client Apps are loading past the spinning circle icon. Is Glide DOWN? :sleepy:

Checked my main Classic App and it’s not loading even after a few minutes. Trying my New Apps now… wheels spinning…

Yeah, we are about to get a LOAD of client phone calls from active apps if this is NOT RESOLVED quickly! Glide please HELP! SOS!

Same here. Neither classic nor new (pages) finish loading

@david Help David! SOS!


Same problem here

And status page returns an error

Same problem here

FYI that OUR apps just came back online. Hope the same for everyone else.

We just pushed a fix, things should be back to normal now. :+1:


Back up! Thanks


Whew… THANK YOU for the quick resolve!

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Back on line! Thank you very much

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