Evening! I wonder, would it be possible to make a dictionary app here, like google translate where it can translate whole texts?

@ThinhDinh has done that for me he might be able to give you help

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Cool! :slight_smile:

Below formula does the translation to give you an idea. Basically you pass the Text, Source Language and Target Language.

=GOOGLETRANSLATE(“Hello”, “en”, “es”)

Hope this helps.

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If you want a Google Translate type of thing then the above formula should work.

If you want word definitions then an IMPORTXML formula will be your friend.


Thank you all, I appreciate it.

Though what I really meant with my question was if it would be possible to make like a translator with let’s say my own made-up words, and then work like google translate.

I think then its much easier. You can Original Words and Translated words in different columns and then just show in the app.
Ex. In your spreadsheet, Have a column for English, Spanish, Arabic, Persian, French and rows with words and there translated form. Then user can pick a source and destination language, search for a word and voila the result are there.