Design question

I have a feature that works but I know/feel is not ideal/poorly executed.

Here is the problem I am trying to solve: creating a SMALL subset from a LARGE list by selecting ONE account from the LARGE list and adding it to a row/object. I use this feature whenever I have to select accounts for invitations to events, creating meetings, opportunities, focus list, etc. In other word -, I use it a lot.

I also have one use case where I have a USC column in the LARGE set which I use to create a ‘focused account list’ for each user.

So I am using the LARGE account list to find single accounts and I am using the LARGE account list with a USC column to identify a subset of accounts.

Hope this makes some sense:

  1. I am looking for any ideas how to select ONE row in a LARGE list and use that to create a relationship with another row/object
  2. I am looking for any ideas how to create subsets of one LARGE list into smaller lists (dozens) using Glide’s unique functionality


Do you have any examples of the data you’re trying to work on here?

Thanks Thinh, I will send come data examples and use case.


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