Delete rows and make more rows

Hi! I reached 25k row in pro how can I add more row and how to automatically delete the row or alternative you can suggest please? thanks

Automatically deleting rows involves a script or a third party Automator. Currently there isn’t way to add more than 25k rows without scripting or complex Google sheet formulas in order to skirt the limit:
English Dictionary with 163,819 rows!

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Btw, @Jason can you talk about it?

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ps… i.m working on unlimited sign in users now, with some success lol

yeah for glide table not google sheet

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how sir? Can you share with us?

unfortunately i have so much respect for Glide, that i will not share it.

sir its not google sheet, how about in using glide table? adding more rows

okay sir :slight_smile:

what 3rd party automator are you using for deleting rows? and what should I do as an alternative for adding rows Im using glide table

If it’s all Glide tables, then you cannot automate the deletion of rows because you’d need time/chron based actions which do not yet exist in Glide.


in glide tables there is no automatization yet… we have hope for YES columns… good start.

@Giem you can use a robot as described here

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oh I see. but can I switch it to google sheet? but I have 20 columns per app. I can’t delete old rows since I reached the 25k rows

oh I see … okay sir thanks

Sir I reached the 25k rows and using glide table not google sheet.