Delete files from glide storage

Is it possible somehow to delete files which was uploaded by users from app to glide storage?

It will be useful for example when you want to resize images and upload them back, or you want to store files at other storage.

Two options:

  1. Go to sheets-> copy link-> paste in browser -> download-> resize-> upload to your cloud & paste link in sheets or reupload the resized image in same location via glide. Deletes the old & large user-uploaded pic from Cloudinary server automatically.

  2. Create edit option for the page with pic in app and delete user uploaded pic from image picker component (if you don’t want to reupload). You could also simply delete the link in Google Sheet.

Cloudinary removes it from your storage within a day or two I believe. You can search for David’s response in forum for an exact timeline.

Are you shure that deleting of the link will delete it from storage after few days?

No, I am not sure. Just a Pro user trying to help you based on what I know from reading posts on this form. I would let Glide support answer your questions.

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