Delete button' deletes from the top?

It seems that Delete → ‘This button’ deletes from the top even if a row is selected in data grid.

How can I make the button to delete what is selected only? because mobile users won’t be able to press “delete” button on the keyboard so I added “Delete → This item” button but it deletes from the top always.

Thank you!

I think that is the configured behavior for the data grid since the “title-level” action can only look at the first row.

@glide is there a way for mobile users to delete rows in a Data Grid component in Glide Pages with their keyboard?

And it should be noted that the delete action in the title will act upon the row in the table that the screen is connected to, so it’s not necessarily related to the table that is the source of the grid.


I cant find delete row action.
Delete button only has one option: delete this row

@glide how can I add delete button next to each row in data grid? or should I should something else instead of data grid?

You can’t.
If you need that functionality then you should use a different collection style.


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