Delete blank row with macro

It’s okay, I’ll try again later.

ok, let me know… I’m very curious what it is… i never experience self-copy script

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OK, it’s working. :sweat_smile: Thanks, Uzo, and also Darren.
My next question is which of the two ways above is the best?

Darren code is to delete blanc rows, my code is to delete marked row when is marked for deletion, so you need to decide what you need

Darren’s method is more related to formula problems in the spreadsheet itself, such as the example array formula problem. And the advantage is that it can track automatically which ones are empty as a whole.
Can both be used for different cases at the same time?

yes, my script will fire when you write ###delete to any cell, Daren’s is time-driven

Today I had very valuable enlightenment.
Now… confused as to which one I need to mark as a solution. :sweat_smile:

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hahahahah, good luck …

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As per my original purpose, I put more emphasis on deleting rows, and Glide itself cannot overwrite rows that have been cleaned, so I think the option to delete rows is more appropriate to mark rows for deletion with a script on Google.
Another advantage is that it is possible to delete freely by marking on any line without having to start from the bottom up (hope I’m right).
The way Uzo is patching the problem of deleting rows in Glide. Now I got extra work to replace all row delete actions into a column value set to flag. Tired but fun. :triangular_flag_on_post: :triangular_flag_on_post: :triangular_flag_on_post:

Extra advice… when you mark for deletion using my code, use filters in glide not to show items that have ###delete word… it takes up to 10 seconds for glide to sync with gs…

Yes, working quietly behind. I guess by showing no extra columns and no filter needed.

Or you can use double action, first mark for deletion, then delete the row… this way you dont need to use filters

I suspect something strange might happen if you do both. I’ve seen this a few times where sometimes it’s been deleted in Glide and it’s not showing up in the spreadsheet. Once in GS appears synced back in Glide and vice versa.
My previous attempt to delete a row only took 2-3 seconds, then I didn’t know when to sync back to Glide. Shouldn’t be long

No, use custom action, two steps…
mark for daletion, that will trigger the script
Then delete the row… that will clear data

With one click: if-then-then- go back?

No, custom action… no need for if else

Yes, I mean continuous actions in one custom action. I will try it.

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