Deferent QR codes and deferent tabs


How can I do deferent QR codes for deferent tabs in app?

Example: One person scans QR code for download my app and tab opens for him
Second person scans deferent QR code for download my app and deferent tab opens for him


Sorry, but it doesn’t working. It’s opens all tabs all the same. Or maybe I doing something wrong, can you explain details, please?

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To be clear, deep links won’t work for tabs, it will only work when you open the details view of an item inside a list.

Thank you, but how can I to realize this thing?

I believe once you add a rowID to the sheet you want to have the deep link then it will generate the deep link once you access it in the real app.

I’am add a row ID, but it’s doesn’t work.All tabs opens all tahe same

If I understand you right, as I said here, it does not work for tabs.

Thank you. I found deferent decision :slight_smile: