Deeplink to TAB

Love that we can deeplink to a details screen.

ALSO love that we can navigate to tab via an action.

What I WOULD LOVE is a way for us to deeplink to a tab. Bonus if it could be structured like https://{myapp}{TabName} or a slug that you’d set up when creating a new tab.

Second this one. Would allow me to create dynamic links and send them to users via email, sms, social and bring them to a personalized (aka specific) pages in glide.

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I am using Tabs throughout my app. Screens were a mess… and screens within inline lists (and sometimes screens within those screens) became unmanageable fast.

So I would LOVE deep links with tab names :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: (but I cannot vote… I was to enthusiastic voting when I first joined the community it seems!)

You can always remove votes from things you previously voted on, and you’ll get those votes back to use elsewhere.

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