Default Value Populate for Drill Downed Item

I am having trouble populating defualt values in a multi-relation entry…take a look at the loom below : - )

You can’t have a flow like that. A choice component in the form won’t get you “defaults” like you want.

I think the only scenario where this can work, albeit it might be not the best UX, is you have a two-step custom form. The first step: choice component to choose the product, then the button to go to the 2nd step would take lookups created from the temporary “product relation” and write them to “description” and “price”. In the 2nd step, you show entries for the “description” and “price” fields, which have now been filled with “defaults”.

Another option is just let them choose the product in your current form, create a relation and lookups in the destination table. The on-submit action would write those lookups to the editable description and price fields, and you then show the edit screen for them to edit.