Default Value in Form for Date and Choice not working

In my Glide page, I have a form set up, just a regular old form. On this form, I have several default values, for text entries, number entries, and also for 3 Choice entries (each choice refers to a template column which has the name of the desired default value of that choice entry) and for a Date entry (default to today), and another (not working) number entry.

Default values work fine on the first 2 text and number entries on the form, but on the rest, the default selection doesn’t show up! It’s just blank!

I’ve even tried making a few of these entries “required” (the only required entries on my form). And they definitely are not filled in even in the back-end, as I can’t submit my form until I manually set these values!

See my video of this…

I think you should report this as a bug to Glide Support as there is something a bit funny happening there.

How does a person report this?


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