Deducting from a number in a column cell in one sheet when another cell in another sheet is TRUE

I am creating an online tutoring app. I have a fixed value of credits that I give to every student at the beginning when they sign up. After performing a task, a certain number of credits will be deducted from the credits value when a cell value is TRUE. Can it be done using glideapps functions or should I depend on google sheet formula to do this?

It can be done. I do something similar in User starts off with 9 inventory slots available and as they buy items, it deducts from the 9. They can free up slots again by marking cells true (the reverse what you want). It was a little tricky to come up with, but it’s possible. I’ll create a video for you.

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Thanks, Thats exactly what I would want. Would love to see how you have done!