Day Name Display/Store

is there a way that I can use a column that can store the current Day and Time automatically like every day that Column changes its value automatically or is there any way without a Column like in the end, I want to display every day’s Name and by name I mean just Name, so I am using 3 to 4 columns in the table to extract the day name from the current date and time, and that current date and time are being stored by clicking on a button which simply sets the current date and time in the Table column.
what will be the better approach for this?

Can you show screenshots showing how you do it now? I’m not sure why you need a button to save anything when it can be calculated automatically.

I have pasted three Screenshots, you can see that in the month and week view, the Day name is visible and in the Day View, only the date is visible like there is no Day Name in the Day View, how I can show that today’s Day Name?

It does not appear that the calendar collection has an option to show the day name when using Day View.

Exactly and that’s what I am trying to achieve if it is not in the Day View, then this is kind of useless if I have to open the third-party app to see the Day on that date or have to switch the week view again and again to see the Day name.

I have mailed the Glide and according to them this is not a priority task but according to me, this should be implemented as I am requesting like Day Name should be in Day View as well.