Date-time, now

Hello @Mark

It is to have the option “Now” & Today for the parameters “date-time”

Sorry, I don’t understand. Your JavaScript code can get the current date/time itself.

sorry for my English :frowning:

no, just in glide:

Sorry, I don’t understand what you’re asking for.

Do you mean that can there be a value that only takes the “date” part without the time?

And another question !!

Is it possible to refresh the YC column every second or 10seconds

I made a little script to get the UTC date but I have to transmit a now to refresh every 10 seconds.

I did a test with a SetTimeOut () SetInterval but without success

Here is the script

“The date/time at form submission” is the same as “Now”.

At the moment YC columns don’t refresh automatically. Maybe we’ll add that at some point.

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Ok good,
thank you for your patience :slight_smile:

but if you add the current time parameter to YC … it will not refresh?

It should.

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Yes it works
See here :

thats what i was thinking… by experimenting with address… it refreshing every character was added

Yes it refreshes when the line is modified, but I had to add a “The date / time at form submission” to have an automatic update

did you put from math column NOW() ? this is refreshing every 3 seconds or 5

no, i wanted to make a simple example with a single column.
But at home, the Math column with a Now updates every 10 seconds.

in free app… if i remember good, in pro i had every 3-5 sec, but i might be wrong

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you can get a permanent adjustment from geolocation of a user

It’s just to get the UTC system time.
After that we can add lots of stuff