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I currently have csv download button that generates a csv. I’m looking to add a date selector to download the data between the selected dates.

I tried to add a DateFrom and a DateTo column but I don’t think I’m interacting with the columns correctly.(I want a user friendly slide in— user presses download button, slide in, enter dates(or choose from calendar), submit triggers download for csv). The data represents multiple inputs each day so I don’t want a drop down for all the dates available in the data. More like a calendar view.

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So, i think, you can gives to user to choose the date by date picker which looks like calendary. And you can use query with choosed start and end date to provide source for csv. But if you talking about to showing custom calendary filtered by avalable dates, so it is impossible for now with native glide components. But you can craft it by your self, but it will requared some updates count for now. In result you need to decide which is more important for you : to show only avalaible choises or calendaty view. I think. If i understamd you correctly

To summarize what described above, it should be possible if you use a custom filter, with 2 date entries writing to 2 user-specific columns.

Then you can filter the data using a query, with those 2 user-specific columns, and use it as the source for your Generate CSV action.


I think I understand, but there really isnt an easier way to use an Action to filter, or search the table you are interacting with? If its a json query I need to play with it to understand it more, thats the only option im seeing. Also on submit it creates a new row in my table from my date selectors thats not what I want.

What I would like is,
-button press (slides in a form)
-form has a date selector component or two (user chooses dates)
-on submit ( action runs to search all table data from user selected date and after, and before, is within…generates csv for those dates) ?

I might be complicating it or missing how easy it is… but as for the calendary view the date selector is fine.

If dateCreated is on or after the reportDate “users input from the date selector”, then filter/query table and generate csv for all data from datecreated and after

Not to get what you want, no.

No, nothing to do with JSON. Just a regular Query column.

That suggests that you are using a Form Screen. Don’t do that.
Instead use Show New Screen->this Item

That’s all quite doable, but again - don’t use a form screen.
Here is a summary of what you need to do:

  • Create two user specific date/time columns: one for the start date and one for the end date
  • Add two date picker components to your slide in screen. Target one at each of the user specific columns.
  • Create a Query column and target it at your Data table, then apply the following filters:
    – Date is on or after This row->Start Date
    – Date is on or before This row->End Date
  • Now add a button to your slide in screen, and configure the action to export the CSV, using the Query column as the source.

@Darren_Murphy worked beautifully! Thank you, I appreciate your time.

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