Date and Time Functions & Daylight Savings

I have functions performing based on time conditions using the Hour(Now). What is the best way to account for changes in time due to daylight savings? In the future I’ll also need to account for time zones so any tips would be very helpful!

Can you explain some more? Hour(Now) is based on the user’s device time. If there device’s clock adjusts for daylight savings or different timezones, then the Hour(Now) calculation will adjust accordingly.

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Hey Jeff. Are you sure it is based on the device time (does this include desktop browsers for Pages)? I just thought it would be UTC as this is usually the case. Of course, if it is device this than that’s a whole lot of headaches saved! I can’t kind a reference to it in the docs!

Yes. It’s a computed column. All computed columns are computed on the user’s device, including desktop browsers. If we opened the same app at the same time. What shows as Now for you would be different for me.

Case in point, I used that fact as a basis to determine the user’s timezones offset in this example.