Data Validation - Dynamic Maximum Limit on Number Entry

Hi Everybody,

Does anyone have an alternative solution to limiting the number that can be entered into the Quantity so that they do not go over the amount that is available to them?


My options are currently:

  1. Void the transaction if Quantity entered > Resources Available (Not great UX)
  2. Create specifc quantity categories [1K, 2K, 3K] etc., make a relation to filter the categories based on Resources Available (A lot of work)

Could you create a text warning message with visibility set, if the entered value is greater than the available amount, then show the warning? Might not stop them from submitting, but might keep them honest.

Thanks for the suggestion @Jeff_Hager!
Mmmm, not ideal though - but most likely the easiest way to implement it.

I will do a feature request then.

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