Data tab, lower down the enter window so it will not cover columns titles

right now when entering info for setting up columns, setup window is covering columns names, it is extremely hard to refer to other columns titles when they are covered.
please lower it down a bit!

is covering 3 columns titles, and every time i need to cancel setup to check name i’m referring to !

please vote for this by clicking this link:


Have you tried zooming out?

yes, no effect

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are you saying that you have a deferent view when doing this?

Nope! Hadn’t tried it out.

it is annoying like hell!
specially when you have columns named very similar to each other

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why they can’t lower just a little bit so i can see columns title…?!
when I’m working on formulas i don’t remember columns names, i’m focusing on the logic…
When I open new column i already forgetting what name I’d put to a previous one that I’m planing to refer to… I know whoever design this window have a very good short memory… thats why he focus on how it looks like… lol

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