Data sync from google sheets

Data sync from google sheets to glide has stopped!
Does this have anything to do with the transition to team plan?

لقطة الشاشة 2023-03-16 143935

No, that is extra sync mode, which has nothing to do with basic syncing.

Please move to a new team plan!

I tried it many times but it doesn’t work, please fix it

So what is the problem? any modification made through Google Sheet file is not synced in Glide… Any advice on this!

What David was trying to say is that basic syncing should still happen regardless of whether you’re legacy or not. Extra syncing, which is available on new team plans, just syncs more often, and doesn’t actually solve the issue you might be experiencing here: which is no sync happening at all.

How many sheets are you working with? Do you have a lot of columns in play?

I still have the problem, a lot of data is in google sheet table and not in glide table

The option to transfer application to the team folder does not appear for me! .