Data shows up in glide data table but never in Google sheet. Is there a glide bug?

Hi Gliders,

Suddenly my entire app has stopped logging data because somehow the data is no longer syncing from glide table into Google sheet. Whenever I add a new item inside my app, the item shows up for a little while, and I can see it shows up in the glide data table, but it never appears in Google sheet. It will then stay in the data table for a little while until at some point they sync, and the item is removed again. My app was working just fine for several days and now this problem has suddenly appeared out of nowhere and I really don’t understand how it’s happening since the row shows up but then just disappears afterwards.

Now suddenly all my data appears AGAIN inside the glide data table but it still doesn’t sync back to Google sheet so data is constantly appearing and disappearing inside my app!

Honestly it feels like a glide bug somehow. Has anyone else experienced this?

Have you scrolled to the very bottom of the google sheet to verify if the data is there or not?

Have you changed anything in your google sheet, such as locking or protecting certain sheet tabs, or the entire google sheet?

Hi Jeff!

you are right. It sits at the VERY bottom (row 10,000) of my google sheet. Do you know how I prevent this from happening? It seems to be creating some serious glitches in my app where data is appearing and disappearing.