Data Saving Problem

Hello everyone, I’m thinking of making a small program for my business. My goal is to save the data in the tables after filling the data in the table and pressing save.

In the tables, I want to save them with their dates in the same way.

But when I make “add row” from the button settings, it only saves the top market.

How can I do it? can you help me?

It looks like this

But ı want to see all

What’s the source table for your Collection and what’s the destination table for the Add Form. Appears that they may be different tables.

Hello, only the brands are written in the source table. I don’t want the source table to change. I want new rows to be opened in the target table and saved there.

this is a business’s daily cash book. I want to save daily purchases.

So you are trying to source your collection from two different tables? That’s not going to work because a collection can only have one source.

You might have to provide more of an explaination. Why are you displaying a collection for your Cash Book table, but writing rows to the the Record Book table. How are those two tables connected. What are you expecting to happen when you add a new row to the Record Book table? How is it supposed to affect data in the Cash Book table?

My goal is to log purchases on a daily basis.

I want the brands that I have determined to be written there so that no intervention is made on them.

However, let me enter the price information in the price box opposite them. From above, let me enter the current date of these purchases.

Then, when I press the save button, I want to see how many purchases were made that day from those brands, as a list, on what date. I want to save this data in a table as soon as the save button is pressed.

So what you want to write to the destination table is the brand name, the price and the date?