Data in Glide tables disappearing

Right. Does it disappear if you use a Google Sheet instead?

Maybe not… I was just trying to do this table in glide, but I see I have to turn to a google table

@Robert_Petitto is there a known bug then?

Not I know of…unknown bug? I know there was some issues with user specific columns becoming cleared that Mark fixed in staging (and is probably pushing out today?)…not sure if it’s related.


Ok thanks, just starting to build a new app using glide tables. Didn’t want to get to far into the build at this stage if there is a known issue. Will keep my eye on it.

Not me…

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I believe this should be fixed now. Apologies.


Thank you Mark!

@Mark, mine too please. The increase for me is fundamental.

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@PanaYoung The bug is fixed for everybody, but unfortunately the user-specific data that was overwritten in the past is lost. Apologies again.


And why does it keep happening to me with all the new apps?

Could you post a video of the issue happening, please?

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It only happens to me when a column is incremented.

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Application link:

@Mark Here it is!

@JackVaughan @Robert_Petitto I invoke you!
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@PanaYoung You’re not using user-specific columns in your app. Independent of that, the problem is that that screen is showing a table with row owners, but it doesn’t contain a row for all users. When I log in to the app there’s nowhere for the count to go, because there’s no in the sheet for my user.

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@Mark the issue is still happening

Can you please post a video and give a support link?

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It has not been solved for me either!

@Mark That is exactly what happens to me! But only with the increase. And it happens regardless of whether this is a Glide board or a normal sheet.